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Okayama Prefecture, home to the head office of the Chugoku Bank, is situated approximately 700 kilometers west of Tokyo.
Facing the Seto Inland Sea, the prefecture is known throughout Japan as “the sunny land” due to its mild climate and consistently fine weather.

With a population of 1.93 million people, Okayama Prefecture yields a gross prefectural product of over ¥7,243 billion (U.S.$64,560 million), or an impressive 1.41% of Japan's GDP. Manufacturing is the core industry in Okayama, having evolved around the Mizushima Waterfront Industrial District—the world's leading petrochemical complex—which was constructed in the 1960s. Given the prefecture's ever-improving highways, airports, and harbors, there is further growth anticipated, with the area serving as an important economic and cultural center for the Eastern Setouchi region.
*The amounts in this document have been rounded down to the nearest figure.


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