We aim to
“Create with Our Community,
Customers and Employees a Rich
Future that We Can All Share”

The Chugoku Bank, Ltd. have
transformed to a Holding Company
Structure, since October 2022.


Message from the President

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of the Chugoku Bank.
My name is Sadanori Kato, and I recently became the tenth president of the bank. I would like to take this occasion to say a few words.
Since its establishment in 1930, the Chugoku Bank has developed in step with regional society. That corporate principle, “developing in step with regional society”, has been embodied by all of the bank’s presidents up to now, and it is something that I would like to continue as well. Going forward, we will work to keep our distinction as “a bank that is selected and trusted by regional customers”, pursuing a customer-oriented sales style in order to create a rich future together.
Additionally, in order to continue to be selected and trusted by regional customers, we must constantly strive to improve and continue to evolve. To this end, we will strengthen our efforts so that each and every one of our employees hold high motivation, walking, thinking, worrying, and discussing the future together with local residents, being “partners who will realize customers' dreams”.
While inheriting the positive traditions of the Chugoku Bank, I would also like to evolve and build the foundations for a new history of our own making, moving forward into the Reiwa era together with the local community.
We look forward to your continued support and patronage of the Chugoku Bank.

Sadanori Kato
June 2019