We aim to
“Create with Our Community,
Customers and Employees a Rich
Future that We Can All Share”


I am Masato Miyanaga, President of the Chugoku Bank.
As the structure of society shifts due to demographic changes such as a shrinking and aging population and a birthrate that is falling at an accelerating pace, the environment surrounding the Chugoku Bank is expected to become increasingly challenging.
Given this, we believe that structural reforms are necessary to further improve our services so that we can continue to be chosen by customers in our community and trusted by our stakeholders.
In order to make these reforms, over the course of one year starting February 2016 we analyzed the expected environmental changes and examined our response policy in a multifaceted way. As a result, we formulated our 10-year long-term management plan, “Vision 2027: Plan for Creating the Future Together,” which we launched in April 2017.
Under this long-term management plan, we will make efforts guided by the slogan “Create with Our Community, Customers and Employees a Rich Future that We Can All Share,” and will restructure our business model to ensure its sustainability.
In addition, we will aim to achieve the “Plan for Creating the Future Together” by practicing “Chugin’s Mind,” which sets guidelines for the actions and decisions of our Group’s directors and employees.
We thank you for your continued patronage and support of the Chugoku Bank.

Masato Miyanaga,

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